Sympathy. Empathy. Continuity
Our mission at ISG is to provide the highest level of quality care of medicine in a clinical setting, emphasizing communication with primary care physicians, specialists, as well as ancillary staff in a multidisciplinary approach.

Inpatient Specialists Group was established in 2018 by Dr. Krishna Tewari. This hospital medicine group was founded on the principle of quality medicine. We use a forward-thinking, concierge medicine approach to cater to hospitals, primary care physicians, and most importantly, patients and their families. ISG believes in synergy, empathy, and continuity. These combined qualities help define exceptional medicine and raise the standard to a higher level of care.


Inpatient Specialists
Our team of board-certified physicians delivers direct care to patients that require hospitalization. We are experts in diagnosing and managing acute medical illnesses. Our care starts when a patient is admitted to our service and continues until the patient is safely discharged home.
Transitional Care
There are countless risks for re-admission, inefficiencies, and other setbacks in the pursuit of an improved patient experience. Our team of providers take pride in on our approach to transition of care. We offer a skilled physician solution designed to complete the continuum of care after an acute medical stay.
Post Acute Care
Telemedicine has been rapidly growing in medicine as it is reducing hospital stays, better management of various chronic diseases and allows physicians and professional staffing cost to be reduced, which in turn reduces the cost of medicine to the patient.
"We may not be the primary medical team members, but we extend ourselves to incorporate nursing staff, case managers, and social workers to achieve the core tenets of patient care."
Krishna Tewari
CEO & Founder