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There are countless risks for re-admission, inefficiencies, and other setbacks in the pursuit of an improved patient experience. Our team of providers take pride in on our approach to transition of care. We offer a skilled physician solution designed to complete the continuum of care after an acute medical stay.

Spanning the care continuum, Inpatient Specialists Group serves:

  • Hospitals
  • MD groups
  • Home health
  • SNFs/LTACs

  • Health plans
  • ACOs
  • Care management companies

Patient Care Plan Requests

We are dedicated to promoting the safe and timely passage of patient care plan requests across all levels of health care – for enhanced patient experience, compliance, and accountability.

Our Process

  • Based on the health care organization’s rules, we use feedback received from network clinicians to adjust a patient’s care plan accordingly.
  • Update the patient’s episode record.
  • Triggers care manager intervention and appropriate responses when needed.
  • Abiding to interoperability standards inherent in every certified electronic health record (EHR), ISG Medical can streamline coordination and share clinical information required for effective care. transitions.

How it Helps

  • Full visibility into the compliance of a patient’s post-discharge care plan through the duration of care.
  • Certainty of care plan compliance, even for a period after leaving the hospital.
  • Streamlines sharing of clinical information.
  • Diverse payment options.
  • Improved patient engagement.
  • Incremental revenue from Transitional Care Management (TCM) visits.
  • Lower rate of re-admissions.