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In today’s world, doctors in hospitals are not the only medical professionals treating medical patients. Team-based medical care means patient responsibilities are shared amongst the different medical care team members. In addition, other skill focuses equate to a broader viewpoint of care for potential patient outcomes.

Inpatient Specialists Group | Krishna Tewari, MD

Krishna Tewari, MD

ISG | David Halajko, MD

David Halajko, MD

Priya Rao, DO | ISG

Priya Rao, DO

ISG | Katie Kunz

Katie Kunz

ISG | Amita Patel

Amita Patel

ISG | Jenna Wismer

Jenna Wismer

ISG Team | Sauranh Mohonochandran, MD

Sauranh Mohonochandran, MD

ISG Team | Pratick Patel, MD

Pratick Patel, MD

ISG Team | Shabaz Bhalwani, MD

Shabaz Bhalwani, MD

ISG Team | Mehul Patel, MD

Mehul Patel, MD

ISG Team | Sarbagya Pandit, MD

Sarbagya Pandit, MD

ISG Team | Lubna Hooda, MD

Lubna Hooda, MD

ISG Team | Neeti Pradeep, MD

Neeti Pradeep, MD

ISG Team | Jorge Capdavilla, MD

Jorge Capdavilla, MD

ISG Team | Mathew Baron, MD

Mathew Baron, MD

ISG Team | Kiran Kathi, MD

Kiran Kathi, MD

ISG Team | Lawanya Jeyaselvan, MD

Lawanya Jeyaselvan, MD

ISG Team | Dipti Patel, MD

Dipti Patel, MD

ISG Team | Jasmine Young, MD

Jasmine Young, MD

ISG Team | Alexander Webb, MD

Alexander Webb, MD

ISG Team | Brandon Chircop, MD

Brandon Chircop, MD

ISG Team | Adam Morris, MD

Adam Morris, MD

ISG Team | Curtis Wurz, PA-C

Curtis Wurz, PA-C

ISG Team | Christina Huynh, APRN

Christina Huynh, APRN

ISG Team | Stephanie Baize, APRN

Stephanie Baize, APRN