Executive Summary

Inpatient Specialists Group was established in 2018 by Dr. Krishna Tewari. This hospital medicine group was founded on the principle of quality medicine. We use a forward-­thinking, concierge medicine approach to cater to hospitals, primary care physicians, and most importantly, patients and their families.

ISG believes in synergy, empathy, and continuity. These combined qualities help define exceptional medicine and raise the standard to a higher level of care. ISG believes in collaboration for the patient’s benefit. We may not be the primary medical team members, but we extend ourselves to incorporate nursing staff, case managers, and social workers to achieve the core tenets of patient care.

Our mission at ISG is to provide the highest level of quality care of medicine in a clinical setting, emphasizing communication with primary care physicians, specialists, and ancillary staff in a multidisciplinary approach. This intensive level of service aims to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our concierge hospital medicine approach allows us to be available 24-hours a day, seven days a week at all facilities in which we provide medical care. This presence and dedication provide the ability to process direct admissions and accept transfers from outside hospitals. Upon discharge, we follow our patients through transition care or at post-acute facilities. In providing transition care that is focused on preventing readmissions, we perform medication reconciliations, which increases compliance and improves overall patient outcome

ISG has grown to a medical staff of over 50 providers that include medical physicians, APPs, and care coordinators that currently provide care across three counties in the Tampa Bay Area. Our team provides services in acute-care facilities. post-acute centers, and transition-care settings for maximum provider continuity.

Looking to the future of healthcare and medicine, we believe, now more than ever, in building an “ecosystem” that starts the moment the patient enters a facility. ISG becomes the facilitator of all aspects of continuous patient care as patients transition through the acute-care system. We believe in supporting patients, not only through their inpatient stay, but until they are discharged from all forms of acute or long term care.

As a value-based practice that serves all types of healthcare entities, we bring strong quality metrics that every medical group is held against. We confidently seek the opportunity to provide the ISG level of care and expertise at your entity so that we can improve patient outcomes. Our pursuit and commitment to quality in the most cost-effective way has catapulted us above other groups that have existed for years. Let us collaborate to bring a unique and effective dynamic to your patients.